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Success Stories for the Provision of Dignity materials

Nasra Mohamed Jama lives in Adhicadeye. She is a member of the group that received the dignity material, she is a mother and has six children and her husband had a stroke and he cannot work with his family.  As she told us she said I did have any money to pay for clothes for me and my girls. and her remarks were as follows: “I would like to extend my gratitude to everyone involved in this cause. If possible, I would like to add money to pay for food and other needs of my family because we are a poor family. When I received clothes, I used them to pray Salah.



Sahra Farah who lives in Buhodle and is a mother of nine children and her husband died ten years ago. Sahra became one of the members who received the dignity material that she did not have money to buy clothes because her household is a poor family, and they live in IDP camps.  She relies on the humanitarian support that comes through the likes of SOYDAVO. She said, “I received 3 dresses (Diric), 3 shawls (Garbasaaro), 9 piece of sanitary cloths, 3 piece of bar soap (250 gms), 3 packet of powder soap (100 gms), 3 petticoat (gorgorad) and 3 headscarves (Shaadh). the sanitary clothes will improve our health and living conditions, thanks to SHF and SOYDAVO for providing us with this support.

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