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Success Stories for Provision of Mobility Aids

Hudayfi Mohamoud Aadan is also another individual living in Buuhoodle who was suffering from an amputated leg. For a long time, he was not able to freely walk around the town and go about his daily routine. He was often assisted by his younger brother and used a wood stick to walk around as well.

“The wood stick would break very often”, he said, “and I would search for another firm wood stick to use.” It was very tiring for Mohamed to go through these obstacles, and his brother wouldn’t always be there for him as he was just a teenager living a teenager’s life. Once Mohamed received a wheelchair, he was thrilled and joyful. He said that he “was beyond grateful to receive such support”, and he was already able to visualize all of the things he could do after receiving a wheelchair.



Fadumo Abdi Ali was born in Lasanod with a physical disability, which made it difficult for her to move around and enjoy her life like her peers. Once she became a young teenager, she had the opportunity to receive a wheelchair that changed her life. With the wheelchair, she was able to move around independently, join her friends in activities, and explore her town like never before. She quickly discovered the joys of freedom and the ability to do things that weren’t previously possible.

She was able to travel around the neighborhood and visit her relatives. In time, Today Fadumo is living a successful and fulfilling life, and she says that she is “grateful for the independence it provided [her] – it has changed [her] life.”

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