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Job Title: Project Coordinator  

Salary grade and scale: SOYDAVO Salary Grade

Department: Livelihood


Supervisor: SOYDAVO Executive Director



Management & Supervision:
Livelihood Department

Effective Date: 1st Sept -2023


Duty Station: SOYDAVO Hargeisa office with 50% travel required to other project sites.


Project Profile in Summary

Somaliland Youth Development and Voluntary Organization (SOYDAVO) is a national, non-profit making youth-led NGO with its HQ in Burao. SOYDAVO was founded in 2003 as a youth club and later in 2006 registered as a nonprofit making NGO with overall aim of empowering and bettering the lives of the youth, women, and vulnerable populations in Somaliland. Over the past ten years, SOYDAVO has been one of the active and biggest local NGOs in the country. SOYDAVO has operational presence in all over the six regions of Somaliland. In 2019, SOYDAVO has expanded its operation to Mogadishu, Somalia, and this year 2021 plans to cross the border and open an office Jigjiga Ethiopia. 

SOYDAVO with funding support from Tearfund Deutschland (TFDE) is implementing Sustainable food security and income generation, as well as local cooperative structure project in Baligubadle and and Salahley in the Hawd region of Somaliland. this project will improve the leaving condition of vulnerable, women and children in these two project-targeted villages.





Job Summary

The Project Coordinator will be responsible for managing and directing daily project working activities, also supervising project staff and trainers to achieve project outcomes.  under the supervision of SOYDAVO Executive Director, will share the project outcomes with local, national, and international stakeholders/ Tearfund for reporting and advocacy purposes. The coordinator will develop partnerships and cooperation with Salahley and Baligubacel local actors for effective implementation of the project activity. This position demands a highly motivated, independent, and dedicated individual with strong assessment skills as well as the ability to effectively advocate. A hands-on working experience in a humanitarian environment, and the ability to handle difficult living and working conditions.


R-1.     Project Planning

R-1.1   Prepare a detailed quarter action plan in every quarter and share it with Tearfund designated officers and Senior SOYDAVO Managers including the Executive Director for final review and approval. Clearly identify the specific problems to be addressed by the action and the perceived needs and constraints of the target groups and how the action will provide the desired solutions.

R-1.2   Demonstrate the relevance of Sustainable food security and income generation, as well as local cooperative structures in Baligubadle and Salahley in the Hawd region of Somaliland, project to the target community and ensure clear message of Project deliverables package is delivered to the target beneficiaries and the project donor.

R-1.3   To coordinate, project activities at program and field level in compliance with the project objectives in close collaboration with the ED for all technical related aspect/activities have met with SOYDAVO Tearfund standards shown in the Proposal and organizational Policies.

 R-1.4  Allocate some times to accompany with other projects  and other field staff to visit and help the project sites and by taking part SOYDAVO Development and interests.

R-2      Project Monitoring

R-2.1   The Project coordinator will also be responsible and required for projects monitoring and evaluation to regularly collect comprehensiveness data on the quantitative progress of the projects and the qualitative achievement of indicators and observing the level of community participation and in particularly the intended percentage of target women groups during the identification of project target beneficiary and implementation period.

Facilitate surveys, monitoring and evaluation activities in liaison with the senior Managers offices. Counterchecking (project inputs) proposed activities against implemented activities and project duration are proportional.

R-2.2 Project Coordinator will be required to ensure adherence to the budgetary, logistical, human resource and other administrative issues of his/her base in collaboration with the  senior project officers, administrator/project manager and assist the Executive Director in planning, coordinating and implementation of training of project  field agent , key authority members, and communities.

R-2.3   To confirm that two additional Greenhouse Cooperatives in Baligubadle and Salahley to use the greenhouses efficiently and financial expenditure reports being submitted.


R-3      Reporting


R-3.1   The Project coordinator will also be responsible for reporting and representation of the organization.

             The Project coordinator will be expected to ensure a good flow of information and good communication between field, also will submit weekly reports/ monthly update /quarterly and annual reports to the Senior Managers, maintain project visibility as always required by the donor and participate in relevant networking forums and other SOYDAVO organized/other non SOYDAVO functions as called advised upon by the organizational Manager.

R-3.2   Prepare reports on each field visit conducted and submit to the Executive Director.

R-3.3   Participate Forums meetings and prepare minutes and agenda discussed review and compile into a monthly progress report on programming activities.  This will be forwarded to the Senior manager assigned by ED and contribute to quarterly and annual reports on time.

R-3.4   Compile implementation data from assigned area monthly and submit it to the SOYDAVO Executive Director for checking.

R-3.5   Finally review the Tearfund project system and general dynamics of group ethics in your assigned locations for the program and advice to the Senior Executive officers any urgent and standing issues.

R-4      Capacity Building

R-4.1   Identify areas in which project beneficiaries/ participants are showing weaknesses. Provide relevant advice and recommendations for improvements to rectify the weaknesses.

R-4.2   Identify competitive filed agent, from the target community who will take part for the training of smaller groups to take part for organizing the trainings of larger groups.

R- 4.3  Foster participatory planning and monitoring by training and involving primary stakeholder groups in project and target community groups as well.

R-4.4   Support external mission in ways that foster a joint learning process that identifies how the Y4C project could be improved further to achieve impact.

Relationship with communities and local authorities

R-5      Other

R-5.1   To bring into notice of SOYDAVO Project coordinator any discrepancies, serious incidents or any urgent information, which may need serious consideration regarding day-to-day activities?





·      Bachelor/master’s degree in Agriculture, environment , or related fields

·      The successful candidate will be able to craft funding proposals in a clear and compelling manner.

·      Excellent writing, analytical, and research skills are essential.

·      Have at least 6 years’ experience of working livelihood in project targeted area.

·      A high level of computer literacy required, including familiarity with Raisers Edge and Foundation Center databases.

·      Candidates must possess an ability to work well under pressure and the ability to seek and synthesize information and communicate in a compelling and succinct form.


To Apply

Please submit your cover letter and resume, to Note the deadline for the application is 28 /August /2023, only those whose applications are being considered will be contacted.


SOYDAVO is an equal opportunity employer and considers applicants for all positions without regard to race, color, religion, creed, gender, national origin, age, disability, and so on.



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