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Provision of Protection Monitoring & Support for Acute At-risk populations in Lascanood and Buhoodle Districts

Project Location: Buhodle and Lascanod Districts
Project Period: May- November 2023
Donor:  UNOCHA
Project Objectives: The overall objective of this project is to address the protection needs of at-risk populations in Las Canood and Buhoodle.


In mid-May 2022, SOYDAVO with funding support from Somali Humanitarian Fund (SHF) started the implementation of a protection project named provision of protection monitoring and support for acute populations at risk in Lascanood and Buhoodle districts. This project has targeted 8 villages under these two project targeted districts namely Qorilugud, Codanle, Gocondhale, Buhodle, Lascanod, Lascanod Wadajir, Lascanod Hawl wadaag, and Adhicadeeye village.

The project targeted vulnerable women, men, youth, children, and disabled communities in IDPs, refugees, and host communities. The project team implemented the envisaged project activities from May to November 2022.

Prior to implementation, the team held project briefing and orientation meetings with Laascaanood and Buhoodle municipality mayors, members of the district council, IDP committee members, and governors of these two areas.

The project manager provided the stakeholders and beneficiaries with detailed project information, including all the target locations, particularly Howlwadaag, Wadajir, and Adhicadeeye IDP in Laascaanood, as well as Qorilugud, Codanle, and Gocondhale IDPs in Buuhoodle.

The project addressed the general protection problems caused by the recent drought in the district that affected numerous pastoralist families and vulnerable people, displaced them from their villages, and forced them to settle in the IDP settlements by implementing life-saving activities.

This project has had a tremendous impact on the community, The provision of protection packages ensured that women and girls have decent dresses, reduced the challenges that they face during menstruation, and maintained their hygiene, while the mobility aids would now enable the beneficiaries to move around freely thus ease their access to essential services and goods, and finally, the cash transfers enabled the beneficiaries to acquire food items, household goods and even pay loans.

Fundamentally, each beneficiary’s life changed for the better, although in a small way. In a nutshell,1400 vulnerable women in different villages and IDP camps in Laascaanood and Buhodle received dignity materials, 200 people with disabilities received mobility aids, and 805 people each received cash support of $150.

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