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Sustainable food security and income generation in the Hawd region of Somaliland

Project Title: Sustainable food security and income generation, as well as local cooperative structures in Baligubadle and Salahley in the Hawd region of Somaliland, are strengthened through training and integrating women.
Project Location: Baligubadle and Salahley districts
Project Period: July 2022- July 2025
Donor: Tearfund Germany and BMZ
Project Objectives: Access to diversified food supply through nutrition-sensitive and conservation agriculture, and additional income through the sale of crop surpluses at the local market in Salahley and Baligubadle.


This is a participatory community development project which focuses on nutrition-sensitive agriculture, targeting agro-pastoralists in rural Somaliland. Communities in remote Somaliland are increasingly at risk of losing their livelihoods due to frequent and longer droughts, and encroachment and degradation of their fertile lands resulting from climate change impact.

SOYDAVO is working with these communities with the long-term objective of developing communities, and households that are resilient to drought, climate change, and other socio-economic changes.

This project will support agricultural initiatives which aim at increasing nutrition levels through improved water harvesting and storage, vegetable production, food preservation, and storage, and value chain services such as marketing surplus production.

The project will also provide community members of Baligubadle and Salahley with training on the abovementioned topics and create sustainable demonstration gardens that will serve as models for household resilience.

Project has established four greenhouses and two water dams in project-targeted districts and rehabilitated 8 existing greenhouses.

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