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Success Stories for Women Empowerments

Case Study 2

Deeqa is also a member of Rasmi group, she is a mother and has seven children, she lives in Adan Sulieman IDP and her husband is jobless. Mrs. Deaaqa depends on the relatives of her husband.  Deeqa does not know how to work. If she tried to work, she did not have any financial resources and did not know where she could get it. But when she joined SHG, she found a group that depend on their efforts. The group makes savings in a box every week, which they invest in themselves.

Mrs. Deeqa participated in the group activities and paid group savings, meetings, and all tasks of the group.  After one month she requested a loan investment from the group. They accepted her request and provided $ 200 and advice, they told her they will be the customer of her business. Mrs. Deeqa opened a shop that sells vegetables and milk.  She told us: my life and the lives of my household changed, and I also made a profit and paid off all the loans.

Case Study: Invested Small Shop

Muna Osman is a member of Aynaan SHG group. When she joined SHG she did not have any income to create a small business. Before SHG Mrs. Muna was a stay-at-home but when she joined the group, she got more friends and got training about small business, and learned how to establish a business.

She received a loan investment from her group.  Before the loan, she displayed her different ideas, and the group selected on of them.  As she told us Mrs. Muna take a $ 250 loan investment and bought clothes for women and sold her villages and her group. Muna repeated the loan to her SHG when she got a profit.  She said (I changed my life and the lives of my household and my children.)

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