1. Youth For Change Project

The Youth for Change (Y4C) Project, which is in this year, educated the fourth batch of youth, is designed to nurture and promote community safety through rehabilitating young people at risk, schools dropouts and youth engaged in violent activities. Youth for Change Program is a very powerful project, targeting the young people especially schools dropout, drug addicted aged between 12 and 16 years old who do not possess strong literacy skills and hails from economically disadvantaged and marginalized communities in the region. This project offer a chance to change the youth behaviors in order to build a sense of empowerment, dignity, and independence in the daily life of the youth.

This project is  part of a basic education strategy, which SOYDAVO strives to develop further toward  the realization of an education based on equity among its targeted villages’ and beneficiaries’ in the regions where it operates.

2. SOYDAVO Youth Center – Skills Training Center

SOYDAVO’s Youth Center is a vocational training center, which provides marketable skills to the youth in the region of Togdheer in Somaliland. Established since 2011 the center has provided since its creation numerous trainings in literacy, numeracy, electricity, masonry, tailoring and many other to 845 young men and women thank to the past support of several donors such as UNICEF, SIDA, NRC, ISF. Now self-funded the Center still welcome young people eager to learn the skills that will allow them to open the door to their future.


The Center operates all year long depending on student’s registration and interest. At the moment the center run two vocational classes. One in tailoring composed off about 25 women and one on electricity with 15 male students. Both classes have take place now for 3 months and students will receive their diploma at the end of January 2017. To tackle the deeply rooted issue of unemployment in Somaliland, SOYDAVO’s Youth Center partner with various International Organization, Civil Society and local Business through its various in order to support the students in finding meaningful work once they graduate.