SOYDAVO's Innovation HUB

SOYDAVO Innovation and Creative HUB is a modern, technology-based HUB that is dedicating to nurturing brilliant and talented young men and women in Burao. The HUB is currently run by SOYDAVO as one of its long-term envisioned projects. The HUB is situated in SOYDAVO’s Hargeisa Office near Ambassador Hotel, Hargeisa.

Soydavo Innovation

The SOYDAVO Innovation HUB has been established in December 2020. It is currently managed by a dedicated team led by Innovation Manager. The HUB has so far provided technology-based and social entrepreneurship skills to 50 recently graduated young men and women in Hargeisa.

SOYDAVO has a nearly 2 decades of providing tailored-made skills and entrepreneurship training in Somaliland. More than 2000 disadvantaged, university graduates and IDP young women and men have graduated from SOYDAVO skills training Centre in Burao. The HUB is now a reformed and modernized center where young people are trained, nurtured, and provided seed funds to start-up and innovate ventures that would have an impact on millions of people in Somaliland.

The HUB has signed partnership with number of organizations and is planning to expand its operations in Somaliland. The HUB also provides a free small business and career counseling training to skilled but unemployed young men and women in Hargeisa through mentorship and short-term courses.