SOYDAVO's Thematic Areas

SOYDAVO's Thematic Areas
We are engaged in multi-sector programs and our current projects fall under the following: Food Security and Livelihoods, Women's Economic Empowerment, Protection and Gender-Based Violence, Vocational skills training and Education and implementations of Emergency and Short-term life-saving projects.
However, our broad Thematic Areas are the following;
1. Protection and Gender Equality 

2. Food Security and Livelihoods
3. Education and Vocational Skills training Women’s economic empowerment
4. Peace, Culture and Arts

Sustainable Development Goals  - SDGs
The current and previous  SOYDAVO’s programs fall under the Sustainable development goals of 1, 2, 5, and 8. In its second strategic plan, SOYDAVO strives to drive at a faster rate of the implementations of the programs in order to eradicate poverty, improve gender equality and build a peaceful and inclusive society where people live a dignified life.