Emergency Targeted Relief Food and Restocking Assistance to Cyclone and Flood Victims

Monday July 27, 2020 - 12:13:34 in Our Current Projects
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In 2019, SOYDAVO and the IOM worked together to provide food and livestock to cyclone and flood affected families in Awdal and Sahil regions. 765 households benefited under these two projects.
One of the projects focused on food while the other focused on restocking- as SOYDAVO made three end of month deliveries between June and September 2019. At the broader level, these projects activities contributed to SOYDAVO’s goal of improving food security and livelihood conditions in the stressed communities, and ultimately contributing to their recovery from earlier disasters. 
The emergency humanitarian assistance to cyclone affected families under this project contain provision of food assistance to 765 cyclone and flood victims through food vouchers. This will contain 114,750 kgs of sorghum, 22,950 kgs beans, 22,950 kgs sugar, and 6.885 litres cooking oil. In addition, each of the families would also receive 1 goat and 1 sheep as part of the livestock restocking effort. The project target locations are Lughae, Geb, Tuqosh, Abdi-Geedi, Raaribuul, Bulxaar, Boodaale and Ceelsheikh districts in Awdal and Sahil regions of Somaliland which are in humanitarian emergency state