Acting for Women, Fostering Women's Emancipation from SGBV/FGM to Improved Livehood Project in Togdheer Region

Sunday July 26, 2020 - 13:34:23 in Our Current Projects
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This project is a three-year follow up project initiated to consolidate the achievements made in the previous GBV project funded by International Solidarity Foundation, which ended July 2017.
The project commenced in April 2018 and will end May 2021, and is based on SOYDAVO’s new model of engaging the SHGs in fight against SGBV and FGM. This specifically calls for the SHG and empowers them to identify and respond the FGM and GBV through local and sustainable collective community actions that promotes human rights and protects girls and women. 
The project defines its objective as "to reduce the prevalence rate of FGM and SGBV through change of attitudes and access to livelihood opportunities. Currently, the project is being implemented in 20 villages in Togdheer and Oodweyne Regions.”
This will directly benefit 5,030 men, women, boys, religious leaders, traditional leaders, SHGs, IPs, and host communities. Any additional 30,180 people will indirectly benefit from the project, and they include village committees, family members of the direct project beneficiaries, line ministries, health centres and the community of the target project areas.