Protection, Return and Monitoring Network

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The protection monitoring and returnees project seek to monitor the displacements and movements of people into and within Somalia and Somaliland.

The project is a UNHCR-led project which dedicated for identifying and reporting on displacements caused by forced evictions, civil wars, drought and other humanitarian crises and providing support and response to underlying protection cases. The UNHCR is represented by Norwegian Refugee Council – NRC.

SOYDAVO is one of the local partners of NRC in two different regions namely Togdheer and Sanaag Regions of Somaliland.

The implementation of the project commenced in March 2017 and has been extended several times. The project ended in December 2018 and then it was extended till 2019. The project was implemented in 7 districts in Togdheer and Sanaag Regions.

A total of 10 monitors is attached to SOYDAVO’s two PMRN Projects in Togdheer and Sanaag regions. The monitors are trained by NRC on PMRN database and are invited for quarterly coordination meetings, where the highlights and major issues affecting the work of monitors are discussed.

The PMRN data are collected through interviews and observation in the strategic travel routes of the big cities and districts including IDPs, transit camps and police stations. The trained PMRN monitors are assigned to collect information about displacements and evictions and identification of protection cases that require immediate medical treatments.