SOYDAVO’s Youth Center Success Stories


SOYDAVO’s Youth Center is a vocational training center which provides marketable skills to the youth in the region of Togdheer in Somaliland. Established since 2011 the center has provided since its creation numerous trainings in literacy, numeracy, electricity, masonry, tailoring and many other to 845 young men and women thank to the past support of several donors such as UNICEF, SIDA, NRC, ISF. Now self funded the Center still welcome young people eager to learn the skills that will allow them to open the door to their future.





The Center operates all year long depending on students registration and interest. At the moment the center run two vocational classes. One in tailoring composed off about 25 women and one on electricity with 15 male students. Both classes have take place now for 3 months and students will receive their diploma at the end of January 2017. To tackle the deeply rooted issue of unemployment in Somaliland, SOYDAVO’s Youth Center partner with various International Organization, Civil Society and local Business through its various  in order to support the students in finding meaningful work once they graduate.





“Until now I didn’t know anything, I was skill-less, staying  only at home taking care of my kids with my husband unable to find any work.” Hafsa story is one amongst hundreds of thousands others like it. Young women that are unable to find a job or create one due to their lack of basic knowledge and the fact that they have to survive with less than 2$ per day.  SOYDAVO’s Youth Center welcome each year dozens of young women like Hafsa looking to get the skills that will unlock their future and support their families. Now 25 years old Hafsa have decided to become a tailor and has followed a tailoring course for the past 3 months. “I have an opportunity here to create a future for my family” she told. Once graduated Hafsa has decided to open her own small tailor shop and create veils and women clothes for her community.



Little Bile has just turn 18 and want to become a tailor and design women’s dress, preferably pink as it’s her favorite color “Tailoring is so fun I love to use all this bright colors and put all this designs on it”. Since her parents are jobless she wish to create her own business in the future and support them as well as her 6 sisters and 3 brothers. Bile was originally illiterate but she attend SOYDAVO’s non-formal education courses in numeracy and literacy and now will graduate from SOYDAVO’s Youth Center in January 2017 with a sufficient knowledge to start her future. However she will still face many obstacles in order to open her tailor shop as investment in Somaliland remain low and difficult for women entrepreneur. Nonetheless solutions and support exist as SOYDAVO and other Somaliland’s CSO are supporting women empowerment through dedicated projects across the country.





Now 20 years old Abdelrachid is living in Burao with his family  and in January 2017 will finally realize his dream to become a full fledge electrician. The path to his success was fill with hardship and difficult choices as Abdelrachid use to be a Camel-boy as a kid. This Somaliland equivalent of American’s Cow-boy made him unable to attend schools during his childhood. Illiterate four years ago when he arrived in Burao he had to first learn how to count and write. He filled this gap in his education by taking the non-formal education courses provided by SOYDAVO’s Youth Center at the start of 2016. He is now finishing a course in electricity and hope once graduated to work for HECO one of the biggest electricity company in Somaliland.  In a couple of years he wish with his experience to establish himself as a independent electrician and install electricity for hundreds of people houses across Burao and Togdheer.