1. Reduction and Mitigation of Gender Based Violence in Togdheer Region

The Gender Based Violence (GBV) Project is a three-year project funded by International Solidarity Foundation- Finland (ISF) and implemented by Somaliland Youth Development and Voluntary Organization (SOYDAVO) in Somaliland. The GBV project aims at reducing and mitigating the numbers of gender based violence cases against women and children in Togdheer regions in order to improve and protect the wellbeing of the local communities. The project works 17 villages in Burao city and three outside villages, namely, Qoryaale, Durukhsi, and Haradda. The project beneficiaries are women, men, boys, girls, elders, teachers, and students.


2. Open Dialogue for youth Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights Project

The open dialogue for youth sexual and reproductive health rights is project funded by the Amplify Change in UK and implemented by SOYDAVO. The project was started in October 2016. The duration of this project is 18 months and will be implemented in two villages in Burao District.  The goal of the project is to increase community support towards education of youth on Gender Based Violence (GBV) and Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR). The project activities will open dialogue of GBV and SRHR issues and enable parents and community leaders to educate young people on SRHR in a culturally appropriate manner. The project will address also the gaps in understanding in the community work towards more effective youth education, as result, the project will reduce stigmatization on GBV survivors and will promote community acceptance on SRHR.