A capacity building Training workshop hold for GBV Project villages focal points who presenting Saylada, Kenya,

15-May, Madiina, October,

Talawga, Qunyar-dega, Shacabka, Muruq-mal, Jarmalka, Tawakal, Xamarta, Harada, Qoriyaale, Durukhsi Villages and Caqibo, Gaas, Ali Hussien, Kosaar, Aden Saleban IDP’s Sattlements in Togdheer region.

The training objective was to enhance the capacity of the Villages Focal points in community sanitization skills, strong understanding forms of gender based violence cases happens in the region and cases reporting skills.

Through the five days of training, the village focal points acquired and learned useful skills facilitating for them to do their responsibility work in their villages in efficiency and effectiveness manner to reduce GBV cases that nowadays hit the break in the region.
These 20 village focal points people will work with the organization social works as volunteers to sanitize and build the awareness of community of impact of violating rights of vulnerable community members such us (women, young girls & children) and mitigate rate of violence’s cases take place in Togdheer region.