Gender project staff has successfully completed a four days training provided the 20 Traditional Leaders and elders in Togdheer Region.

The objective of the training was to build and enhance the traditional leader’s knowledge on Gender based violence and to sensitize elders in the need to respect the rights and give considerations for victims when resolving and dealing with GBV cases especially Rape Cases and other GBV cases.

The traditional leaders were equipped with the knowledge of Gender Bases Violence, its causes and consequences to the Victim, Family, and Society at large. They were also trained with the prevention and response strategies that Traditional leaders are needed to put in place when dealing with GBV Cases.

Moreover, They were trained how it’s Crucial and important to respect the rights of the victims when dealing with all GBV Cases and the bad negative impact it result when victim’s rights is not give consideration were put strength to fine the preparatory to pay compensation only.


Addition to that, traditional elders participated the third quarter capacity building training this year watch documentary drama presenting when elders didn’t give consideration to the rape victims rights and punish the preparatory in law procedures the consequences their resolutions and judgments result which lead sometimes the victims to commit suicide.

Most of the traditional elders participated the training convinced that they didn’t expected their resolutions to fine preparatory have negative impact in the victim but they said we have seem practically how is very critical and upset to the victim. They have promised to exercise the knowledge they have learn and practical experience they gain to ensure the victims to acquire their rights and to punish the preparatory in the law procedures to prevent such violence’s to occur again.


In the conclusion, the elders thanked the SOYDAVO and ISF for the capacity building knowledge and practical experience provided during the training days.