Case Management Capacity Building Training Conducted for School Masters and Teacher at Buroa District. SOYDAVO Project staff


Conducted capacity building training concern School’s Violence Cases Management system for 11 schools consist of Secondary and intermediate Schools in Burao District. The Training was attended by 33 participants from these School Headmasters, Teachers and officials from Regional Ministry of Education in Burao, Togdheer region.

The Training was opened by Admin and finance Officer of the Ministry of Education in Burao Mr. Mohamoud Hassan Ainashe Who Congratulated SOYDAVO’s active role in the region as well as in Ministry of Education. He mention that the training capacity building concept is very important for school master’s and teachers to better understand how to deal with school violence’s cases and proper managements system to control the incidents which recently increasing in the schools and need proper prevention system to deal with it. Moreover, he added that it is its kind of opportunity that educations centers received which addressing issue common in schools in the region.
Training participants are taking notes from training lessons

During the training days, the school master’s and teachers understand what is school violence’s, causes of school violence’s, and preventive strategies that school management and teachers can control violence cases occur in their schools. Moreover, in the training the participants take practical sessions to analyze several cases that have shared with them and developed preventive strategies that they can apply to avoid its repeatness and decrease its effects in the students learning environment.
School Masters and Teachers are in Discussion sessions Concern Case management Procedures

Furthermore, training the participants learned techniques and skills that they can manage violence cases occurs in their schools such as the procedures of assessing, identifying, recording, taking decisions, monitoring and reviewing the school case management data in regularly to avoid violence’s cases to hit the break and miss the proper times to control the cases which is one of important foundations that case management system functionality prevents.
Presentation made by Training Participants

The training was not only focusing on case management system but it was also focusing the prevention strategies that can be put in place in order to reduce and mitigate the school violence types occurs and proper ways to involve parents to take their roles.

Photo Group for School maters and Teachers Attended the Case management Training

Finally, school mater’s and teachers attended the training appreciated the knowledge they gained from the case management concept and techniques, skills they learned which helping them to properly manage their schools violence cases happens and identifies useful methodology to deal with complex cases.