This year marks the beginning of a new tradition at SOYDAVO as was hold the first Annual Staff Gathering in Burao on the evening of December 26th 2016. The purpose of the event was to recognize and appreciate the SOYDAVO’s employee of the year and the other three outstanding employees of the year 2016.

Staff members from all SOYDAVO’s offices across Somaliland came in Burao to be present for this event, which was hold at Kaafi Business Center in the outskirt of Burao.

During this social gathering SOYDAVO’s Executive Director, Chairman and Program Officer addressed the organization’s team. Mr. Mohamed Guleid, SOYDAVO’s Executive director, thanked all the staff for their work and listed all the success that SOYDAVO’s team has achieved throughout the year: the opening of a new sub-office in Hargeisa, the expansion of SOYDAVO’s operation area in five regions of Somaliland, the successful completion of this year activity work plan and finally the start of two new projects on Reproductive Health Rights and livelihoods for Somali returnees From Yemen.  Mr. Guleid has noted that no vital achievements of this year would be possible without the generous and compassionate of SOYDAVO Staff. Your efforts and contributions will be valued and today we are here to reward our best employee of the year and those who performed well of this year 2016, he added.

Mr. William Renoux SOYDAVO’s Program officer has praised the members of SOYDAVO’s team for their energy and dedication and called them to continue their work in the same spirit for next year.

Finally, Mr. Mohamed Hussein, SOYDAVO’s Chairman has continued through his speech to encompass the vision of SOYDAVO’s as a family that bind the staff’s members and beneficiaries together in the realization of common goals and projects, which will support the development of the Country.

In conclusion, of this event, the employee of the year and the three other best-performed employees were awarded certificates and gifts in recognition of their tireless efforts and contributions they made to SOYDAVO in the year of 2016.  Mr. Ahmed Abdi Ali has won and awarded the best employee of the year certificate, while Hamse Ismail, Abdisalam Cawke, and Ifrah Ahmed were recognized as the top three best employees of the year.