2017 Annual Staff Meeting
“Celebrating a decade of commitment and community Service”

This year again, SOYDAVO held its second Annual Staff Meeting in Burao on Feb, 6th, 2018 in Burao, with the theme of “Celebrating a decade of commitment and Community Service”. SOYDAVO’s staff members from Hargeisa, Erigavo, Oodweyne, Burao, Ainabo, Eil-Afweyn, and Badhan districts gathered for one day meeting of celebrating SOYDAVO’s achievements over the past ten years and commemorate SOYDAVO’s employee of the year 2017. SOYDAVO’s chairperson, executive director and the regional field managers were also present in the meeting.

The annual staff meeting is a yearly social event whereby SOYDAVO management recognize and appreciate the commitment and handwork shown by the SOYDAVO’s staff members over the past one year.
This year SOYDAVO celebrates as well more than a decade of working and helping Somaliland people. SOYDAVO was established in June, 2006 with a vision of achieving a society where children, women and youth are able to live their life in peace and have their rights safeguarded in order to attain better social, political, economic, education and health standards.

From the opening prayers, SOYDAVO’s operation manager has welcomed and thanked all the staff and briefly discussed the purpose of the meeting. SOYDAVO’s field office managers also gave their words and thanked SOYDAVO’s commitment of ensuring that all staff members regardless of their duty stations come together for a one day meeting and discuss what has been achieved and the prospects of the next year.
SOYDAVO’s finance officer Amal Abdulkadir speaking on behalf of all SOYDAVO staff members thanked the members who travelled far regions to make sure they present in this great day. Amal has also thanked SOYDAVO’s management for their commitment and hardwork.

Executive Director for SOYDAVO Mr. Mohamed Guleid, has also delivered his speech on the occasion. Mr. Guleid has emphasized SOYDAVO’s success and challenges faced during the past one year including: Opening of new office in Erigavo, recruiting additional staff in Ainabo, Oodweyne, Erigavo and Badhan, SOYDAVO’s fundraising trip to Nairobi and among others. Mr. Guleid has also thanked all SOYDAVO’s staff for their commitment and hardwork during the AWD Cholera outbreak and the last year’s drought response, which SOYDAVO has played a very active role and delivered life-saving support to the affected people in the region. Finally, Mr. Guleid has encouraged all SOYDAVO members to continue working for their community and promised that individual’s contribution will never be forgotten but rather will be praised and awarded for their service to the community to SOYDAVO.

Finally, SOYDAVO’s chairperson Mr. Mohamed Hussein Aideed has delivered his speech on the occasion. Mr. Aideed has thanked the organizers in the words “Thank you for organizing such attractive and wonderful place to gather”. Mr. Aideed has also thanked all SOYDAVO’s staff members and in particular for those who travelled in other regions. Mr. Aideed has shared with the staff the challenges and obstacles that SOYDAVO has faced during the last ten years. He said that it was not an easy to continue working, developing and progressing where there were no both enough financial and technical capacity all the way back to 2006. He has mentioned that without the commitment of SOYDAVO’s staff members it would not be possible to continue operation.

Mr. Aideed has also added that SOYDAVO’s past five year strategic plan came to an end this year ended of 2017. The chairperson added that he is a very happy that SOYDAVO has achieved more than 75% of its intended strategic priorities for the past five years, reaching more than 50,000 direct beneficiaries. Thanks to SOYDAVO’s partners, donors and staff members who have worked hard to ensure that objectives are achieved. Mr. Mohamed has also added that there is a new strategic plan for 2018 – 2023 and encouraged all SOYDAVO’s staff to work hard again to realize these new milestones.

Lastly but not least, as all the staff members were hardly holding their cheerful tensions to know the winner of the SOYDAVO’s employee of the year, 2017, Mr. Guleid has shared with the staff the process of selecting the employee of the year. He has said that a number of rigorous steps is followed before anyone is awarded including assessing the employee’s commitment, productivity, contributions to the organization, teamwork, punctuality, and respect for diversity to mention few. Before the SOYDAVO’s chairperson announced and opened the envelope where the names of the new employee of the year 2017 contains, the staff members were very much eager to know who is the luckiest to receive a such award. The chairperson opened the envelope and read the names of Mr. Abdisalam Ibrahim Du’ale, as the recipient of the employee of the year Award 2017. Mr. Du’ale has joined as an intern in the organization and was later employed. He is now in charge of more than 2 projects and has been working for SOYDAVO for the last two and half years.

Mr. Du’ale has also said his word on the occasion and expressed that he is a very happy to have received this award. He has also said that he joined SOYDAVO two and half years ago with no experience at all.
Lastly, SOYDAVO’s chairperson has made his closing remarks and thanked everyone for making this event today. The SOYDAVO’s members of the staff were later had their evening dinner together.

Celebrating a decade of commitment and community service